General Information

BiA Doula Training is a comprehensive 6 day doula training program with a focus on hands on and interaction learning. The program includes a 3 day foundation training, followed by a 3 day advanced training where the student doulas learn alongside experienced doulas who are keen learn new skills, or to refresh existing ones. After the foundation training, students are able to begin internships and attend births as a student doula. Generally students participate in the advanced course three to six months after the foundation course. Those with prior experience or coming from abroad can apply to do the  training’s consecutively.

The training includes in person training, extensive manuals and home study, internships, mentoring and an online student community.  In addition we offer low cost support and development meetings every 6 weeks and reduced fees for continuing education hosted by BiA Doula. We also collaborate with Doulaopleiding in Bloei allowing our students a 25% discount on their continuing education modules.

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Foundation Training

Advanced Training

Certification Requirements

And here About the Doula

BiA Doula Training is accredited by the Dutch professional organisation for doulas (De Nederlandse beroepsvereniging voor Doula’s). The training takes place three times per year in Amsterdam, and is taught in English. The trainers are fluent in Dutch and can clarify when needed during the training. Correspondence, mentoring and written reports can be in either Dutch or English.  We have doulas from the Netherlands as well as doulas coming in from abroad to train with us.