Below you find the different dates for the JJ Doula open days, foundation and advanced training as well as for the different continuing education trainings.

Open Afternoon JJ Doula Training

Are you interested in learning more about our training? You’re very welcome to speak with the trainers on one of our Open Days. Upcoming dates:

LEVEL 1 – Foundation Training

In Dutch (Teaching in Dutch materials in English)
June 7,8,9 2018                           Jennifer Walker and Joyce Hoek-Pula

In English
September 27, 28, 29 2018         Jennifer Walker and Joyce Hoek-Pula

LEVEL 2 – Advanced Doula Skills

In English
June 14,15,16  2018                   Jennifer Walker and Joyce Hoek-Pula

In Dutch
October 4,5,6  2018                   Jennifer Walker and Joyce Hoek-Pula

You can register for the Doula Training via this form: registration form JJ Doula Training

Continuing Education
May 10, 2018  Spinning Babies

May 17, 2018 Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Birth 

July 7, 2018 Advanced Education Workshop for Doulas and Birthworkers

May 26th, 2019 and 5 online modules starting September 2018 Healing Herbs for Women’s Health