Advanced Training

Topics covered in the JJ Doula Advanced Training (3 days) are:Advanced Skills foot massage

Tools/skills during Pregnancy:
Use of raspberry leaf
Lower back massage with moxa fanning
Cupping massage
Foot massage
Anatomy review
Prenatal appointments – in small groups (what questions do you ask? How do you structure?)
Encouraging a breech baby to turn head down:
Positions-pelvic tilt
Doula support Ball rebozo




Tools/skills during labour:
Acupressure for pain management
Techniques for when things don’t go to plan – using rebozo, positioning, acupressure, massage
Released waters and no contractions
Mal-position of the baby (not engaged, asyncltic, posterior baby)
Stalled labour
Issues during pushing

rebozo closing



Tools/skills for postpartum:
Postpartum nutrition, herbs for breastfeeding, placenta smoothies, probiotics and the baby, Strengthening foods after haemorrhage
Rebozo closing

We work with interactive methods: Practicing hands on techniques with each other; when teaching the theory of each topic, there’s room for questions, sharing of knowledge, experiences, interaction with the group; when watching birth clips, there’s reflection and interaction time afterwards;
Roleplay (usually in two’s or three’s), i.e. multiple scenarios during birth (doula/mother/midwife(or gynaecologist)), case studies.

Read here on the Certification Requirements.